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How To Plan An Epic Birthday With A St. Louis Party Bus

A birthday is a special event that happens just once a year and as such demands celebration. Being a truly memorable event, there is the need to ensure that the perfect plan is put in place thus guaranteeing a fun-filled event to be remembered for the longest possible time. What better way to celebrate a birthday party than in a St. Louis party bus with friends and family present to share the joy of the day. With the party bus in place, there are a wide range of game ideas that can be engaged in to keep the fun in high tempo and should you be in search of the best games for your party bus adventure, below are some of the finest selections, all which are free and guarantees the most fun.

Simple Party Games

You might think that all your crazy night on the town needs is a high quality party bus rental, but what if you could take your party bus journey to the next level with fun and easy to put together games that can be played on the road. This is an easy way to entertain your guests while you’re traveling from one location to the next, and it could end up being the highlight of the evening. Here are some of the best party bus games that we at Stl Road Pony recommend trying out during your next St. Louis bus rental. 

Question those balloons

This game is like the basic game but promises a whole lot of funny consequences if the player fails to get questions right. The game consists of two piles of balloons, one pile will contain balloons with strip papers having questions on them while the other pile will contain striped balloons with funny instructions, sort of a fun punishment for getting answers wrong. As you blow up the balloons from the first pile, you slide the pieces of paper into each and tie them shut and do the same for the second balloon pile while making sure to properly differentiate the piles, for differentiation, you may decide to color code the balloons such that a particular color is designated for those containing the questions and the other for instructions.

Players of this game are expected to take turns in popping the balloons after which the questions are read out loud and when the answers are incorrect, pass the instruction balloons for punishment.

Pass the present

This game requires several small gift items, boxes and wrapping paper. Each item is wrapped in its own box and for fun, make sure to put several layers of wrapping paper on each box. To vary the game, it is recommended that you vary the number of layers of wrapping paper on each different gift. Have people sit in circle at the start of the game and hand out gifts to each of them but without opening it. Start-up the music and have people pass the gifts they are holding to the person next to them. Once the music stops playing, stop passing the gifts and each person takes off a layer of their wrapping papers. This should continue until someone unveils the gift.

Musical chairs

Make a row of chairs inside the box and have participants surround it. Start up the music and have them dance around it while the music plays, once the music stop, eliminate the child without a chair, shorten the chair by one and keep going at the game till there are two last standing contestants and one chair to contest for.

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