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Fun Ways To Upgrade Your Party Bus Rental In St. Louis For Your Next Event

Most people who choose the St. Louis party bus rental have no other thought than alcohol in mind, and this honestly saps the fun out of the party fun gig. While the party bus sounds like a great place to enjoy booze with friends, there are plenty of non-alcoholic games that can also find their way onto the party bus. To help you make the best experience of the party bus, below are some of the recommended games and spices that can be added on.

Organize a themed party

One of the greatest ways to get the best of your party bus experience is to organize a themed party centered around your favorite thing, movie, book, or character. When it comes to themed parties, you have a wide range of options to choose from including favorite sports team, famous couples in history, discos, 80’s, retro themed parties and more.

Decorate the party bus

Another fun thing to engage in while enjoying the party bus experience is to decorate the bus while following along with a specified theme. Be sure to decorate the party bus such that it reflects the theme which you have already selected for the party. Also, you can go a step further by adding some fancy effects such as balloons, streamers and banners, all of which are easy to put up without necessarily destroying anything.

Board, card and trivia games

There are several games to choose from when in a party bus and this includes the balloon games wherein you separate balloons into two piles, one with stripes of paper containing questions and the other pile containing papers each containing fun instructions for persons who gets their questions wrong. Blow air into balloons in both piles and insert into each balloon questions or instructions then tie the balloons. Have participants choose from the question balloon piles and if they get answers wrong, have them choose from the instructions pile for punishments. There are other games which can also be played including the chair game, gift wrap games, Apples to apples, cards against humanity, Uno, Go Fish, Old Maid, and more.

Dance revolution

Another fun thing to do on a party bus is to challenge friends and family to a dance revolution which begins with a careful selection of playlists over the years. This is a fun activity which is guaranteed to get everyone participating interested in showing off their dance styles and steps. It is however recommended that you check with the rental company to be sure which type of sound system the rental bus is equipped with.

Tall tales from a Greyhound

Another fun activity, especially for the literarily inclined is to have a selected book wherein participants take turns to read paragraphs. You can also spice this up by betting on a particular word and how much it appears in each paragraph. If you’re planning a historical tour, brewery tour, or a haunted ride, storytelling might just fit right in with your experience.

Make Your St. Louis Party Bus Rental Extraordinary

No matter what kind of event you want to have, party buses are a great way to not only travel to and from venues, but to create a unique party experience all your own. To rent your next St. Louis party bus, check us out at

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