Scooby Doo’s Party Bus Is Roaming the Roads of England

Whether it be for birthday parties, prom celebrations, winery trips, or just the occasional fun with friends, party bus rentals are a fun way to travel in style while quite literally having the ride of your life. Typically, the inside of party buses are decked out LED laser light effects, dance floors, and refrigerated wet bars. With luxury bus rentals, you don’t need a destination because getting there is the most fun you’ll have all night.

One party bus rental company in Heysham, England, is taking this on-the-go fun to a whole new level by re-purposing his bus into Scooby Doo’s famous Mystery Machine. Now, whoever hires this party bus for rent can make like the famous Scooby Gang and steal through the night, solving crime during party time.

Mark Simpson, owner and operator of Whitegate Motors, is a long-time fan of Scooby Doo and the Mystery Gang. He found the van for sale up on e-bay, and jumped at the chance to bid. After winning the auction, Mark got the chance to drive the bus back from Scotland. On his drive back, the van got a great deal of attention from fellow motorists. Many drivers slowed down to get a closer look and some even stopped completely to catch a picture of the Mystery Machine in action.

Now that the Mystery Machine is in action as a private party bus for rent, the rental company is seeing a great deal of interest. And it comes as no surprise, as everyone wants a chance to be a part of Scooby’s beloved gang.

When Mark first received the bus, the interior was in poor condition. But since then, Mark has made a great deal of exciting improvements. The inside of the Chevrolet G20 van turned small party bus is decked out with retro blue and green sofa seating, as well as all of the amenities, such as music, TVs, and a mini bar. Mark even brought on a Scooby Doo mascot to accompany the bus.

What kind of themed party bus for rent do you wish you could ride? Let us know in the comments below!

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