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When it’s your friend’s last party as an available dude, you need to go out with a bang. If you’re planning a bachelor party in St. Louis, Missouri and you’re looking for some crazy fun, then you should come to visit the gateway to the west and book St. Louis’s premiere #1 bachelor party bus. Our custom-built,  party buses, are the best way to and the only way you should party. Additionally our poles make for a great time… wink wink

A St. Louis Bachelor Party Needs A Party Bus

Your party will be the greatest you will ever experience with our led-lit dance floor with a pole party bus! Sure, he is ready to tie the knot but now it is time to let it all out one last time. There may be dancing on the large benches so all of St. Louis can see the bachelor and will want to join the party. He will enjoy all of St. Louis seeing him living it up right before he ties the knot.

Celebrate your bachelor by giving him the best party on the best open- party bus in St. Louis! Every party bus is BYOB, but we supply the ice and have one small cooler on board. We recommend any bachelor party brings their coolers and also bring some snacks. Trust us, once you start drinking you are going to thank us you brought some snacks!


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