Party bus FAQ


Most frequent questions and answers

A couple of ways

Book online (it’s 2019) 

Call to see if the date is available.
If the date is available, tell us how many hours you will need the bus.
If you like the price quote, fill out a contract (which can be found on page 1 of the website underneath Request a quote).
Fax the contract in with payment information.
Call to confirm we received the contract.
Always call 1 week before the event to confirm everything one more time…

Alcohol is allowed on all Road Pony Buses. You must be 21 years of age or older to be on the bus if there is alcohol present.

Our buses are equipped with limo style seating, electric sound systems, dance floors (with our signature poles), track lighting, small bar areas, and iPod hookups.

We are a party bus company… not a bar. BYOB

No, we don’t have a DJ on board… all they do is play IPOD’s and take up space! Do you want some creepy guy on board looking at his iPod? Bring an iPod with YOUR OWN PLAYLIST… plus without a creepy guy, you have space for more people!

The only wineries we travel to is in Augusta or Defiance. We do not go to Hermann or St. Genevieve.

NOPE… it is included unless you are outside of our normal service area of 35 miles.

Yes, we require a $250.00 non-refundable deposit? Credit cards, check, cash and first-born children are all accepted!

We have a couple different sizes… 24 passenger, 28 passengers, and 32 passengers. We do not recommend that you exceed the limits that Road Pony has set forth however if you don’t want a lot of space that is fine but no complaints are allowed.

NO beer bottles are allowed.

Balance is due 24 hours before your event.

The event starts when we pick you up.

Who would want to rent our buses in the summer if we didn’t… so Yes we do!

We travel around the Saint Louis Metropolitan area… we do not take long trips to other cities call Mega Bus and GreyHound.

Coolers are allowed; they are great cause they can also be used for extra seats.

You must cancel 2 weeks before the event in order not to be charged for the whole event.  You will be charged for the whole event if you do not cancel in that time frame. We can book to others and you are costing us from getting the bus on the road. 

Time is added to the back end of your contract unless other parties are scheduled after your event. Therefore we will credit you back for any time that was not used.

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